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We are delighted to assist on getting your store set up with some great prices. All whole sale orders has a minimum of $100 and you will get FREE SHIPPING on all wholesale orders over $250.  If you spend under the $250, wholesale orders do not qualify for the standard free shipping. This is for all other customers.  This is private label prices that you can not bet. All orders will come unlabeled, soaps will come cut weighing close to 3.5 oz a piece, unsealed. Being a wholesale customer will grant you to unlimited amount of support and discounts to help you achieve your goals! I am here for you SIS. 

"A woman with a vision empowers an empire of women to do more, see more and be more"

 All orders qualify for priority shipping, shipped through USPS which qualifies all orders for up to $50 of package insurance. Once your order is placed we will start working on it within 2-3 days of order confirmation. Orders will be shipped out within 1-2 days there after. 

All soaps will be made to order, which gives you a fresher scented bar, also allowing you time to research your labels and packaging. All soaps need to sit on a drying rack, for the next 4 weeks to allow them to "cure" meaning the access water needs to evaporate. Most soaps are made through a process called "Cold Process" which I consider, the best and REALEST soap makers do it this way. There are 2 soaps that are made differently that do not require a "curing" time that I have: Nubian Glow and Yoni Glow. You can always reach out through email,  to see if any of your desired soaps are ready for sale to your customers right away. Sometimes I do have an overstock on some soaps!

Sign up for emails to stay in the loop of what is happening at SheaTree Naturals, trust me I do not flood your email account. But, I do send out discounts and updates on new items periodically that you don't want to miss.

**if an order comes through that is under $100, the order will not be processed**

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