SheaTree Naturals

Sponge and Thangs


Our soaps are naturally designed to work magic in the shower with a natural sponge. This will give you a creamy, foamy and nice lather during bath time. If you want a light exfoliant, the loofah sponge is designed to exfoliate but please allow a few uses for the loofah to soften its fibers up. If you like a soft textured sponge then the colored sponges are great for this gentle wash. The colors will be selected for you depending on what is in stock. The sea sponge is the largest sponge that we have that can be nicely hung and a great feel for that all over body medium exfoliant. The soap sacks  are made up natural fiber with the draw string to easy hang in the shower; great for traveling, adding your small pieces of soap to continue use and they promote circulation while removing dead skin.

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