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Why not get a bundle of natural suds to add to  your bath time experience. You will have a different bar to try each and every time you decide to step into the shower. This will allow you to have the best sampling experience. We have put together a bundle to assist in certain areas and different benefits. Over a pound of soap in this bundle.


This Bundle Includes

The Detox- Deep Cleanse

Honeycomb-Assist in dry areas

Lavender Fields-Relaxation

Avocado Smoothie-Extra Vitamin E 

420 Tonic- Cleanse and Scent 



How to care for your soap:

Your soap will need time to dry between each use for a longer lasting bar, so please use a soap dish to allow your soap to drain.

Take Note: All soaps are hand-cut and sizes will vary. We appreciate your desire for handcrafted products.  

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