SheaTree Naturals

Shea Butter-8 oz



Shea Butter is full of much needed fatty acids and impacted with vitamins to help soften the skin. It also known to have anti-inflammatory to keep you skin looking and feeling smooth. This is one of the better products to use especially during the cold months. Shea Butter will enrichen, condition, tone, and help aid impurities. You can select plain and naturally scented. Or lather up with a calm and skin safe scented blend. 

**note, some products in the picture may be available during certain seasons**

Scent Descriptions

Natural Scent: Earth tone and a mild nutty scent.

Patchouli:  strong, sweet scent that falls into the musky-earthy, light spice 

Egyptian Musk: Slightly sweet, breathy, woody scent. (great scent for men)

Lavender:  A relaxed and calm sweet, floral, woody, camphor, fruity and floral. (Essential Oil is Used)

Lemongrass Blend: A tropical lemony citrus blend. (Essential Oil is Used)

Cranberry Sparkle & Shimmering Pomegranate: Magical blend of grapefruit, lime, orange, cranberry with a jingle of cinnamon, jasmine and a fa la la of raspberry, musk and vanilla.

Honey Love & Vanilla: Soft warm scent of manuka honey and sweet vanilla

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