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Restore & Rebuild 7 Oil Blend-2 oz

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This 7 blend of our favorite oils will restore and rebuild your skin, nails and hair. The combination of these 100% oils will benefit your entire body. It is safe enough to add to any of your  hair care and skin care products for that extra moisture and strengthening abilities. Smell delightfully fresh and down to earth with the Lemongrass & Eucalyptus essential oils.

Natural Ingredients: 

Black Walnut Hull Oil- Helps Fight Hair Loss, Fights Dandruff, Promotes Hair Growth, Reduce Wrinkles 

Avocado Oil- high level of Vitamin E, promotes collagen

Hempseed Oil- prevent inflammation, dryness and aids in repairing troubled areas

Black Castor Oil- strengthen and moisturize hair

Sweet Almond Oil- Vitamin A and E, Omega 3 fatty (prevent premature aging)

Argan Oil-anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

Coconut Oil-moisturizer, aid in uneven skin tone

Blended Herbs-Calendula, Lavender Buds, Cornflower Petals, Crushed Rose🌿

Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Essential Oils

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Meet the Owner

Hello, Im Ashley, the CEO and Co-founder of SheaTree Naturals. I am happy you found my website, I am hoping you can find something for your skin or hair care needs. I am always here to answer any questions and assist you during your visit. You are more than a customer once you make a purchase from me, you are considered family. Thank you because without you it would be the hardest journey to reach my goals, which is to own a storefront!