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pRivately Hers "Yoni" Bundle


pRivately Hers line is focused on your sacred places and we want to give you options to bundle up to help improve that area. This is a mission and we know that you only get one set of jewels and it need to have proper care with the best natural ingredients to keep that pH level balanced. We no longer want to suffer from unwanted odors, dryness, bacteria infections, doctor visits and just feeling embarrassed about an area that we should be glorifying. Right? 

Bundle 1: Yoni Oil and Yoni Mist

Bundle 2: Yoni Oil, Yoni Mist, Yoni Splash

Bundle 3: Yoni Oil, Yoni Mist, Yoni Splash, Feminine Bar

Bundle 4: Yoni Oil, Yoni Mist, Yoni Splash, Feminine Bar, Feminine Wash

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