SheaTree Naturals

privately Hers Feminine Bar 4oz


A natural and gentle holistic bar that is infused with herbs to aid and assist with the females most precious and sensitive area of their bodies. This soap is designed for your "Yoni" or to simplify it, your vagina. If you have ever wanted a soap that can help fresh, tighten and cleanse your area that will not mess up your pH levels. Look no further. This is a great bar to use everyday or after your menstrual cycle. The herbs have been infused for weeks so that your goodies can reap all the benefits that this bar has to offer. 


Red Raspberry Leaf-tones the uterus and balance hormones

Juniper & Motherwort- helps the urinary and reproductive organs

Basil, Oregano, Lavender, Rosemary, Marigold & Garden Sage contain volatile oils

Calendula and Rose- helps soothe irritated tissue

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