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This is a great kit for those that suffer with eczema or dry irritated skin. This entire kit was designed with providing relief to the most troubled areas and with hopes that the skin will become soothed over time. Ingredients that have been added to these products are focused on providing moisture and hydration. Fragrance free and infused with calendula herbs.This kit will include: "Honeycomb" soap bar, eczema relief oil, eczema relief balm and you will receive a FREE sample of the eczema bath relief oats. You can order individually.


How to use the FREE sample of bath relief pack:

Empty some of the packet in your bath water so that it can penetrate through your skin or add some to your sink water (luke warm temp) and soak a wash cloth to apply to your attention focused areas. 


Honeycomb Soap Bar 3.5 oz: coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil, oat milk, oatmeal, honey and distilled water

Honey Bee Gone Eczema Relief Balm 4 oz: bees wax, honey powder, oat powder, shea butter, sunflower oil, calendula herbs & almond oil

Honey Bee Gone Eczema Relief Oil 4 oz: almond oil, cucumber seed oil, burdock root oil, avocado oil,  honey, calendula oil and infused herbs

Eczema Bath Relief Sample:  oat powder, honey powder, oatmeal and calendula herbs

Beeswax: rich in vitamin A

Honey Powder: natural skin cleanser and softner

Oat Powder: soaks up oil

Calendula Oil/Calendula Herbs: anti fungal, antibacterial

Almond Oil: soothes skin

Cucumber Oil: reduce swelling 

Sunflower Oil: protective layer, pact with antioxidants 

Burdock Root: high in vitamins and minerals


Storage: store in dry and cool areas for all products

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