SheaTree Naturals

Fresh Cut


This bar is designed for our kings infused with strength and power. Smells like you just walked out the barbershop and that is why it is called "Fresh Cut." A beautiful combination of bay leaf, cedarwood, bergamot, tobacco, and fir needle. This is also a deep cleansing bar because of the added activated charcoal this is impacted with antibacterial properties. Turmeric root will keep the skin looking healthy and evening out the skin tone.

Now Available in a loaf (means you get 8 fresh, un wrapped, cut bars, discounted price) all loafs will need to sit on your shelves to complete curing process, which is 4 weeks, so that the bars can completely dry out and allowing access water to evaporate

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Olive Oil, Turmeric Root, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil & Blended Fragrance Oil

How to care for your soap:

Your soap will need time to dry between each use for a longer lasting bar, so please use a soap dish to allow your soap to drain.

Take Note: All soaps are hand-cut and sizes will vary. We appreciate your desire for handcrafted products.  

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