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Caribbean Loofah Soap Bars-3.5 oz From


These Caribbean Loofah Soap Bars are exotic in smell and should really have your mind drifting off into a mini vacation or maybe a staycation. We have introduced this Mixed Drink Bundle with scents of Tropicana. The infused loofah will give you a light exfoliant after a few uses of washing to bring the loofah to the surface of the soap bar. Mild enough to use anywhere on the body. Feels great on feet and rough patches on the skin.

Coconut Lada-golden yellow in color, flavored of a ripe of pineapple, tart cherry, and tangy citrus notes, blended with sweet coconut milk and finished with delicate notes of vanilla and white musk.

Sangria Grapefruit-reddish orange in color, flavored with a tropical fruity type of peach, strawberry, pineapple, and lemon, middle notes of pear, gardenia, melon, lily of the valley, and jasmine with a white musky, amber, sugary, powdery raspberry.

Guava Lada-lime colored flavored with a fruity and tropical coconut type with top notes of peach, coconut, apricot, and cherry, middle notes of pear, milky melon, jasmine, and cyclamen, with a tonka bean, and sugary vanilla base note.

Mixed Drink- 1of each bar

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin ( Glycerin is often sourced from coconut, palm, palm kernel, and rapeseed oil), almond oil, loofah, mica (minerals from rocks to make the natural colors), fragrance blend

How to care for your soap:

Your soap will need time to dry between each use for a longer lasting bar, so please use a soap dish to allow your soap to drain.

Take Note: All soaps are hand-cut and sizes will vary. We appreciate your desire for handcrafted products.  


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