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"Anti" Soap Sack- 3.5 oz From


This soap sack is a combination of 3 unique soaps to focus on "anti." The Seamoss Soap Bar has seamoss powder that is added to hydrate dry and irritated skin. It has anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties in it. The Black Seed and Honey Soap Bar has activated charcoal powder and packed with black seed oil to give the skin a deep cleanse, to soften skin and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. The Burdock Root Soap Bar has burdock root powder, burdock root oil to help with clearing up dark spots and with its natural vitamins, minerals it is known to be very rich in antioxidants. Each soap weigh aprox 3.5 oz and naturally giving off its on natural scent.

The soap bar sack is ideal to provide rich and soft foam to your soaps, drying the soap and getting a light exfoliant to rid the oil and dirt from your skin. The sack is made from natural fiber and it can be easily hung in the shower. During the first use please soak in warm water for 1-2 minutes to soften the fabric. 

What areas will these soaps focus on:

Seamoss Soap Bar- dry, irritated skin, help removal of dead skin

Black Seed and Honey Soap Bar- rashes, acne, moisturizing the skin

Burdock Root Soap Bar- eczema, acne, aid in blemishes and discoloration 

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