Why is Oatmeal and Honey good for Eczema?

Why is Oatmeal and Honey good for Eczema?

Are you suffering from a skin condition called eczema or just dry skin? Either way it can feel uncomfortable and may even be embarrassing to have dry patches of skin that is visible for others to stare at. What have you tried? Steroids, that was prescribed to you. We all have been down this road a time or two. The one thing I have learned about dry skin is that it loves steroids but long term use of steroids may cause long term effects on your skin. It may even worsen the area. 

Topical steroids are designed to temporarily relieve the irritated skin, keeping the inflammation down and to calm the area. On the other hand, it may discolor the skin, leaving either hypo or hyper pigmentation. I have also researched that it may cause acne to form. Who want to get rid of 1 problem to only create another one? Not me.

I designed the oats and honey soap bar that I call the "Honeycomb" that has real oat milk in it to give it a creamier soap bar. Oatmeal has ingredients in it that help soothe, calm irritated skin and it has anti inflammatory properties. Eczema and other types of dry skin love oatmeal because of the benefits. Oats have an ingredient called saponins, a natural cleanser, that helps free up the pores. 

Honey is not only good to eat but it is great for the skin. Honey is a humectant, which means it draws in moisture from the air. That is exactly what dry, irritated skin, needs, moisture! When you combine oats and honey together it is sure to make a difference in eczema or other dry, patchy areas. No steroids here, all natural ingredients that mother Earth has giving us to take care of our skin. Your just 1 bar away from feeling a difference. 

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