Sugar or Salt

Sugar or Salt

I've had so many people asking what is the difference between Salt and Sugar Scrubs? They almost look the same and they both smell amazing. There is truly a BIG difference in the both and they give off different benefits for the skin. Salt that is typically used for scrubs are sea salts and epson salts, not that table salt that you drinch your food in! These types of salts give off the best exfoliation and that is truly what your looking for in a scrub. Salt also give you that extra magnesium and potassium that is beneficial for the skin. Now on to the sweet stuff, Sugar. We all love it, can't resist it, the mind, body and soul craves it:)  It is true that adding sugar is one of the worst ingredients to add to our diets...not so true for the skin. Sugar helps slow down the aging process, we all know that were "getting" old, who said we had to look it? Sugar is a natural exfolient and it kill off the dead skin cells making room for some new ones. When you add some natural oils to either salt or sugar and a few other goodies your skin want have no choice but to thank you later.


So now you are probably wondering, "which one should I buy or which one do I need?" Let your skin decide for you. If you have that perfect skin that everyone wish they had and you just want a great exfoliant, then both scrubs will be great. If your like most, dry, inflammed, itchy skin, then I would go with the the salt scrubs. My sensitive skin babies, use the sugar since the granules are smoother.

In the mean time "Feed The Skin" with SheaTree Natural Skin Products.


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