Meet The Owner


Hello and Welcome to my store where my heart desires and love making natural skin care products that are focused on improving and making a lifestyle change in your skin. I have been making hand poured soaps since 2017 and gradually added other vegan friendly items to my line over the years. Please support by following my journey on Instagram and Facebook. Spreading the word and re-posting your reviews of how great my products are will help me reach my long term goal of owning a storefront. I look forward to packaging and shipping your orders. Thank You!

Old Ways

Hand Cut

I spent many years hand cutting each and every soap bar, that was my way of feeling like I "touched" every soap bar, spreading good vibes and lather (smile) But now I have a soap cutter that will cut the entire loaf evenly and much quicker.

Yoni Care

pRivately Hers Feminine Products

Every year I try to focus more on encouraging more women to dive deeper into their yoni, getting more intimate and having the understanding of pH levels. I have added some top selling products that is aligned with a woman's sacred place.

Featured article

"The Spice Of Life"

"The Spice Of Life"

What is all the hype about? Turmeric Root. We have heard about it used in food for such a long time, but now we are creating skin loving products w...

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Sugar or Salt

Sugar or Salt

I've had so many people asking what is the difference between Salt and Sugar Scrubs? They almost look the same and they both smell amazing. There i...

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